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Shannon Erley, Founder & CEO of Pomp

"We're not just fighting for pride; we're fighting because we know we're making a real impact in the beauty industry." -Shannon Erley

Shannon Erley, Founder & CEO of Pomp a groundbreaking platform connecting estheticians with their clients through technology in the beauty industry.

She shares her journey from frustration with the crowded beauty market to building a resilient company that attracted major investors, including the Zuckerberg family when it seemed like they were at the end of their rope.

Key Takeaways:

1. Embrace Frustration: Frustration with an industry can lead to innovative ideas that solve real problems. Shannon's frustration with the crowded and difficult-to-navigate beauty industry led her to create Pomp, a platform that connects estheticians and clients to simplify the skincare routine process. Entrepreneurs should pay attention to their own frustrations and see them as opportunities for creative solutions and business ideas.

2. Seek External Support: Founders should surround themselves with supportive co-founders, executive coaches, and mentors. Building a startup can be a lonely and challenging journey. Having a strong support system can provide valuable guidance, encouragement, and expertise. Shannon highlights the importance of seeking external support to tackle challenges and make well-informed decisions.

3. Expect the Unexpected: As a founder, you'll wear many hats and face challenges you didn't anticipate. Shannon's experience as a first-time founder taught her that being a CEO requires handling various aspects of the business, including legal, HR, and regulatory matters, even if they fall outside of one's expertise. Entrepreneurs should be prepared to adapt, learn new skills, and navigate unforeseen challenges.

Topics Covered:

Journey of Resilience and Success in the Beauty Industry: Shannon Erley,

CEO of Pomp 0:00

How she became frustrated with the beauty industry 1:56

How does the platform work from the consumer standpoint? 3:37

Raising money for the company. 5:41

How did they make it through the tough times? 7:41

The power of what they are building 10:22

Advice to other first-time founders 12:01

What brought Shannon to the Venture Summit 14:29

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