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Joanne Mizell, COO of Banner|Aetna

“When there's an opportunity presented and I have felt 'I'm not ready for that or I don't think I can do that', I can't think of a time when I have said 'No. I need to wait.' I jumped right in, scared to death and just made it work."
- Joanne Mizell

Joanne Mizell is the Chief Operating Officer of Banner|Aetna. Banner Health and Aetna created a joint venture to improve the health care system for members, for providers, and for employers alike through new synergies, new partners, and simplification.

Key Takeaways:

  1. The Banner|Aetna Merger: Health systems and players are traditionally very adversarial, so Banner and Aetna joined forces to tackle some of the biggest problems in health care.

  2. Simplification: It's no secret that the health care industry is a confusing space to navigate. Banner|Aetna are making things more straightforward for their members by having the health system and payor working together and removing the member as the middleman that they often are.

  3. Building your experience: "A lot of people think they have to bounce around to different companies to get that experience. For me, I feel that staying at one company for a good part of my career helped me get a deeper understanding than I would have if I scraped the surface a number of times." Joanne talks about her 30 year experience in the industry and how valuable it was to have a long tenure at one company.

Topics Covered:

  • Banner|Aetna Join Venture 0:00

  • How Banner|Aetna is striving for Simplification in the health care industry 5:57

  • Leading competitors to elevate with them 8:26

  • Working with startups & partners 11:47

  • Joanne's tenured experience in the industry 14:15

  • How to manage many departments and types of people 18:13

  • Joanne's advice on how to build your experience 20:36

  • Joanne's current focus & problems to take on 22:43

  • Books & Quotes to learn from 27:14

As mentioned:

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