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Ed Messman, CEO of Rook Capital

You learn new things every time. Everything's new, but you learn you learn a couple of shortcuts here and there, what mistakes try not to make again. And each time you get a little smarter, but I will tell you, you discover new things with every startup. It gives you a little bit of wisdom, but I think what it also does is it humbles you in a way that you can relate to your employees better, you can recruit better, or you can engage your partner better."
- Ed Messman, on being involved in multiple startups

Ed Messman is the CEO of Rook Capital, a company that's on a mission to make home ownership and affordability more attainable for the next generation of home owners and real estate investors.

Key Takeaways:

  1. The Housing Market and Rook Capital: As house prices continue to skyrocket, there is a generation being left behind in their ability to own a home and have access to this key investment. Rook Capital is trying to change that in a way that is in-sync with the way younger generations view investments and ownership.

  2. Jumping for opportunities to learn & make an impact: Ed shares about his jump into a new industry for the chance to be challenged and to tackle an issue that is highly impactful by approaching it in a new way. His viewpoint on using roles throughout his career as a training ground, but where you're supposed to be forever.

  3. Lessons in Leadership: Throughout his 30 years in finance and building startups, Ed has worked with various types of leaders and found his own style to be a leader that inspires with authenticity.

Topics Covered:

  • Ed Messman, Rook Capital & addressing the challenges for people to own a home 0:00

  • Deleveraging the US consumer & creating financial margin 4:49

  • Partnering with home owners as an investor 6:00

  • The Secondary market created 7:29

  • Rook Capital's Programs 10:01

  • Ed's jump to real estate 13:30

  • Using various roles as training ground 17:41

  • Balancing speed & perfectionism in a startup 28:41

  • New view of home ownership for the younger generations 31:09

  • Book recommendation 34:58

  • Advice for other executives 37:45

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