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Building the Space Economy with Sierra Space, York Space Systems & Orbit Fab

A Denver Startup Week discussion about what is possible for humanity with the space revolution, the future of tech, and how it could impact lives on earth for generations to come.

Steve Lindsey, CTO & SVP Advanced Programs, Sierra Space

Monica Palko, Chief Legal & Administrative Officer, York Space Systems

Adam Harris, Chief Commercial Officer, Orbit Fab

Key Takeaways:

"Vision drives people to do extraordinary things."

Adam Harris on his experience at SpaceX

"We (Colorado) are recognized as the pulse of this commercial space industry."

Monica Palko

"Our whole business plan is based on improving life on earth."

Steve Lindsey

Topics Covered:

  • What’s created this new age of exploration and growth beyond our planet earth. Why now. 3:17

  • How to create a sustainable space economy 6:48

  • Bringing manufacturing in house 7:53

  • Adam on his experience at SpaceX 17:46

  • Steve on the Dream Chaser and future innovation 19:50

  • SPAC's and how space companies will do in the public markets 23:54

  • The hard problems entrepreneurs will need to solve 26:37

  • Criticism around spending billions on space rather than focusing on problems on earth 33:13

  • Their future vision for space 39:44

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