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Dustin Watkins
CEO & Co-founder

Dustin Watkins is the Co-Founder and CTO of DataBased, a data driven company that uses visualization tools that empower sales teams with performance standardization, development, and goal-setting efficiency. DataBased recently raised a $3M seed round with a $40M pre-money valuation with investors from SAP, HubSpot, Carta, Verizon, Klayvio, and Qualtrics. 

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Niji Sabharwal
CEO & Co-founder

Niji Sabharwal is the CEO & Co-founder of AgentSync, an insurtech company he co-founded with his wife Jenn that grew from a valuation of $22M to $220M in just 8 months. AgentSync’s growth has caught the attention of well-known investors Marc Benioff, David Sacks, and Elad Gil who are now all investors in the company. 

Casey Jenks, CEO of TrueCoach

Casey Jenks

CEO & Founder, TrueCoach

CEO & Co-Founder of TrueCoach, a technology platform built for gym owner's and coaches which was recently acquired by TSG, an Advent portfolio company. 

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Daniel Faber
CEO & Co-founder
Orbit Fab

Daniel Faber is the CEO & Co-Founder of Orbit Fab, a space company building “gas stations” in space to provide the infrastructure necessary to create an in-space economy. Orbit Fab recently raised $10M in seed financing from numerous investors including Lockeed Martin Ventures and Asymmetry Ventures who led the round. Prior to Orbit Fab, Daniel was the CEO of Space Arena and Deep Space Industries.


Shaka Bahadu

COO & Co-Founder,  Cipher Skin

Shaka Bahadu is the COO & Co-Founder of Cipher Skin, a high-tech company that revolutionizes the way data is collected and analyzed on the human body or any physical object. Shaka is an experienced operator and also holds degrees from Harvard, an MBA from Stanford, and a M.D. from Weill Cornell Medical College. 

Jesse Randall

Jesse Randall
CEO & Co-founder
Sweater Ventures

Jesse Randall is the CEO and Co-Founder of Sweater Ventures, a VC fund that gives access to venture capital to everyone, regardless of your wealth or accreditation status. Sweater raised $2.3M earlier this year in order to build the technology to put an investment team in the palm of your hands via a mobile app where you can keep up to date on your portfolio. 


Chloe Kettell

CEO & Co-Founder, PolyPort

Chloe Kettell is the CEO & Co-Founder of PolyPort, a cybersecurity company that has won numerous awards at SXSW and are setting themselves apart in the industry. Chloe has also served in the military as a Marine, was a previous fitness entrepreneur, and is now an avid skier and Olympic lifter.