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Jesse Randall is the CEO & Co-founder of AgentSync, an insurtech company he co-founded with his wife Jenn that grew from a valuation of $22M to $220M in just 8 months.  now all investors in the company. 

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"Life has no limitations, except the ones you artificially put on yourself."


James Luxton 

CEO of Venailance

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James Luxton is the CEO of Venailance, the largest software company in the education industry for working professionals. Under his leadership, Venailance has grown from 10 employees to over 200 employees with over $150 Million in revenue last year.

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Niji Sabharwal
CEO & Co-founder

Niji Sabharwal is the CEO & Co-founder of AgentSync, an insurtech company he co-founded with his wife Jenn that grew from a valuation of $22M to $220M in just 8 months. AgentSync’s growth has caught the attention of well-known investors Marc Benioff, David Sacks, and Elad Gil who are now all investors in the company. 

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Special Edition

Last week we hit our 10th interview! In celebration of that milestone and going into a holiday weekend we are sharing the best advice so far. Enjoy and have a wonderful Independence Day! 


Devin Eldridge

Devin Eldridge is the COO of RADAR, a blockchain company that is laser focused on reshaping the financial industry. In just three short years, RADAR has helped users in over 175 countries trade $300M+ worth of digital assets. Prior to joining RADAR, Devin founded STOW IT where he is a board member. 

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Matt Blomstedt

Managing Partner, SpringTime Ventures

Matt Blomstedt is the Managing Partner of SpringTime Ventures, an $8M seed fund focused on startups in the Mountain Region where they have invested in over 20 companies. Prior to founding SpringTime, Matt worked in M&A in Oil & Gas for over 9 years in Texas.  


Dan Kasper

CEO, Wishlist

Dan Kasper is the CEO of Wishlist, an employee recognition software company, where he has overseen 345% growth in the last three years.

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Amit Shah
Chief Clinical Operations Officer, Virta Health

Amit Shah is the Chief Clinical Operations Officer at Virta Health, a tech company that has reached a $2B valuation by creating a new method for diabetes care and is on track to reverse diabetes in 100 million people. Prior to the role with Virta, Amit held numerous operations roles including being the Market Leader & VP Operations of Everside Health which recently filed for their IPO. 

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Phil Stern
VP, Mainsail Partners

Phil Stern is a Vice President at Mainsail Partners, a growth equity firm that has raised over $1.2B and invested in over 50 growing companies. Phil is an expert in growing software companies and prior to his current role in leading the Sales Center of Excellence at Mainsail he was the Head of Payroll Sales at Gusto and General Manager at Zen Planner. 


Shaka Bahadu

COO & Co-Founder,  Cipher Skin

Shaka Bahadu is the COO & Co-Founder of Cipher Skin, a high-tech company that revolutionizes the way data is collected and analyzed on the human body or any physical object. Shaka is an experienced operator and also holds degrees from Harvard, an MBA from Stanford, and a M.D. from Weill Cornell Medical College. 


Nicole Kennedy

CFO, FluentStream

Nicole Kennedy is one of the youngest female CFO's in Colorado and has found a niche in high growth technology companies. She currently serves as part of the executive team at FluentStream, a private equity backed communications company. 

Casey Jenks, CEO of TrueCoach

Casey Jenks

CEO & Founder, TrueCoach

CEO & Co-Founder of TrueCoach, a technology platform built for gym owner's and coaches which was recently acquired by TSG, an Advent portfolio company. 

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Alysha Cooke
Vice President  Thoroughbred Holdings

Alysha Cooke is the VP of Finance for Thoroughbred Holdings, an investment firm that has quietly invested $400M spread across five portfolio companies over the last 15 years in the energy sector. In her role as VP, Alysha has overseen $60M in acquisitions since joining the firm and sits on six corporate boards as part of her responsibilities within the company. 

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Kwame Spearman
CEO, Tattered Cover

Kwame Spearman is the CEO & Co-Owner of Tattered Cover Bookstore where he is reinventing what a bookstore means in today's world. Prior to Tattered Cover, Kwame ran real estate expansion for Knotel, was a consultant at Bain & Company, and has degrees from Columbia, Yale, and Harvard. 


Chloe Kettell

CEO & Co-Founder, PolyPort

Chloe Kettell is the CEO & Co-Founder of PolyPort, a cybersecurity company that has won numerous awards at SXSW and are setting themselves apart in the industry. Chloe has also served in the military as a Marine, was a previous fitness entrepreneur, and is now an avid skier and Olympic lifter. 


Ben Rudman 

CEO, Western's SmokeHouse 

Ben Rudman is the CEO of Western’s Smokehouse, a portfolio company of Charis Consumer Partners where Ben is the Managing Director and Founder. Prior to starting his own private equity firm, Ben worked in investment banking for 8 years at SDR Ventures.

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