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Growing up in Kenya, Matt discovered the invaluable lesson that relationships triumph above all else. He realized that sitting down and absorbing someone's life journey can be an exponential source of knowledge. This insight drove him to create The Executive, where he shares the remarkable stories of executives, founders, and investors who have been in the trenches of their respective fields. Matt's mission is to provide a platform for these individuals to impart their wisdom and insights so that we can all apply their lessons to our own journeys.


In addition to his role as podcast host, Matt leads and curates The Executive: The Network that serves as a tight-knit community where exceptional individuals can connect, collaborate, and learn from one another in more intimate and social settings.


As a real estate advisor and Vice President at Raise, Matt is a passionate advocate for the power of relationships and connoisseur of learning about business leaders' unique challenges. 

When he's not behind the mic or networking, you'll find Matt indulging in his part-time passions. He's a self-proclaimed taco enthusiast (approaching full-time status), a dirt biking daredevil, and a golfer (with a slight stretch – fore!). 

So, whether you're here to explore the intriguing world of business through The Executive podcast or to connect with a dynamic network of business enthusiasts, Matt is your guide and humble host. Join us as we unlock the knowledge, stories, and connections that will take you to the next level.

"To get to the right answers,

you first have to ask the right questions."

- Scott Gration

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