"To get the right answers, you have to ask the right questions"
-Scott Gration

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About the Author 

Matt Harbert

Growing up in Kenya taught me that relationships trump everything and that you can learn exponentially from sitting down and hearing someone's story. I've had the pleasure to advise and represent some of Colorado's top entrepreneurs and executives with their real estate strategy and see their story unfold firsthand. I thought it was time to share some of those stories and many new ones that we can all learn from and apply to our own journeys.  


Full time

  • Husband to Mariah Harbert & a new Dad to Blakely

  • Best friend to Auggie (our dog)

  • Real estate advisor & Vice President at Raise

  • Member of the Summit Church 

Part time

  • Taco eater (approaching full-time)

  • Tech investing 

  • Mountain biking

  • Trail runner (due to Mariah)

  • Dirt biker 

  • Golfer (slight stretch)

  • Reader 

  • Swahili learner

  • Skier